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Newsletter Ed. 3

First of all: massive amount of apologies for abandoning the newsletter for... HOLY CRAP, 2 months. Just imagine me wearing a hairshirt and going all Brother Justin on myself. We'll do our best to keep a regular schedule from here on.

Notes from the mods:

1) For fanfic, our policy is only to include stories on livejournal unless links to off-LJ fic have been posted in main Life-related LJ communities. If you want to read more, there is a small collection of Life fanfic over at fanfiction.net.
2) We will not be linking to comment-fic or drabbles under 300 words.
3) For WIPs, we'll hold off the linkage until the stories are finished.
4) Pairing short-hand for those unfamiliar with the custom: forward slash between the names (e.g. Crews/Reese) = romantic or sexual context, vs. Crews & Reese = non-romantic partnership story.

New Fansites:

The Bakery, which is about all things Damian Lewis, including news, links, and a large photo gallery of Lewis' works.
aj has set up a new Life community, liveblogginlife, as a forum to carry on her livebloggin' Wednesday Friday tradition once the show comes back.

News & Articles:

Initial DVD release announcement from TVShowsOnDVD
Look at all these extras! Yowza
Early DVD box art
Pre-order the first season DVD from Amazon.com (release date: September 2, 2008)

NBC's Nominate '08, an Emmy award campaign for the show
Photos of the cast from NBC upfronts
Interview with Adam Arkin on Comedy Central: Life Star Adam Arkin Hits the C-Spot


grimorie's After the sunsets and the dooryards (PG, Ted, Charlie & Dani)
piecesofalice's Kissing Girls You Shouldn't Kiss (multifandom, with 2 Life ficlets, one Charlie-centric, and the second Roman/Dani, both R-ish)
sloanesomething's Animal Planet (Gen, PG, Charlie & Dani)
rose_griffes, Interim (PG-13, Gen. Charlie, Constance, Ted)
sloanesomething's Right to Your Door (PG, Charlie & Ted)
piecesofalice's A Mass of Things (R-ish, Dani Reese), written for smallfandomfest
tia_rama's Summer in the city (PG-13) and its follow-up, Personal things (R-ish) (Connie/Dani)
wildwitchdoctor's Reese's Guide to Zen (PG-13, Charlie & Dani)

tassosss's untitled Life/NCSI crossover (PG, Charlie & Dani; Tony & Ziva)
mayatawi's Easy, a Life/Supernatural crossover (NC-17, Dani Reese/Dean Winchester)

Icons & Graphics:

takeanotherexit, 18 icons from 1x01
pasadora has a multifandom icon post, including 12 Life icons (#109-120)
jymaz, 11 icons from 1x01
sweet_revenge00's multifandom icon post (Life section is from #51-80)
saiyajenn posts icons from DL's film, The Baker (along with icons from The Office and Spooks)
grimorie posts photos of DL in Bolivia (part of some charitable work he's doing) and SS in glasses
dryope posts a few fab pictures from a Damian Lewis photo-shoot by Marc Hom from 2003
grimorie's picspam for 1x05, "Fallen Woman", part 1 and part 2


NBC official show site has put up a surprisingly fantastic promo video: What's Life All About?
firthgal, Learning How To Bend (Crews/Reese)


Interactive Life timeline from NBC.com (snazzy! yet sadly riddled with wacky errors)
TV.com Interview with Damian Lewis (available for download via damian-lewis.com)

Meta & Discussions:

Rand Ravich's statement re. Crews/Reese partnership from E!Online
aj's analyzes the Charlie/Dani partnership
coffeeandink's meta on 1x11, Fill It Up and the show in general
grimorie's character resource posts: Charlie Crews and Dani Reese
delgaserasca posts her top 5 moments from S1 of Life, complete with visual aids

SPOILERS ALERT: Casting sides for 2x01, compliments of wickedandcruel (zip file, 932KB). Note that these contain *detailed* script info for the 2x01 and that we may take down the link later depending on the, um, paranoia level. Anyway. Click at your own risk! (An alternative link to the zip on mediafire in case the original link goes kaput.) Also, please do not discuss the spoilers in the community without warning, e.g. on a separate post under a cut-tag clearly-marking the content as spoilers.

How is this format working for you? Spotted any links that are wrong or broken? Have an interesting link we've missed? Prefer not to have your link up here? Please email one of the mods or comment on this post for any and all of the above.
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