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Newsletter Ed. 5

Life is just around the corner, its time for us to dust off that Life fan badge! So here we are!

If I've missed anything (which is entirely possible) or the link is broken please drop us a line in the comments or through email!

Notes from the mods:

1) For fanfic, our policy is only to include stories on livejournal unless links to off-LJ fic have been posted in main Life-related LJ communities. If you want to read more, there is a small collection of Life fanfic over at
2) We will not be linking to comment-fic or drabbles under 300 words.
3) For WIPs, we'll hold off the linkage until the stories are finished.
4) Pairing short-hand for those unfamiliar with the custom: forward slash between the names (e.g. Crews/Reese) = romantic or sexual context, vs. Crews & Reese = non-romantic partnership story.

News & Articles:

Esquire features Sarah Shahi in Women We Love
TV shows use songs to tell stories - Music spoilers for Life season 2 premiere.
The Advocate features Sarah Shahi. Old interview, 2007
BuddyTV Previews Life for Fall 2008
LA Times features Dani Reese/Sarah Shahi on Lady Detectives
NBC's 'Life' is revived; but question is, can it thrive?
PopCritics lists Life for Season Pass
Life: A peek at Season 2
'Life': Catch up with that show you never watched on Hulu
Returning Drama -Entertainment Weekly Features Life in Fall TV Preview. Check out this fantastic Life spread.
THE SOPHOMORE CLASS: Series get a new post-strike lease on life
Sepinwall on TV: The re-freshman class of '08
Batting .500 in spotting last season's winners
Swampscott man starts new ‘Life’ in LA Dan Samijian, assistant to executive producer of Life shares that the Life has its own softball team.
Sophomores make like newbies - More insights to the strange attitude towards sophomore shows.
The Q Scores Company Reports Fans of CBS’ “Survivor” Franchise Have the Strongest Emotional Connection of Any Prime-Time Series Returning This Fall - The report notes that Life was the only 2008 show that achieved 122 in the Emotional Attachment Index, 'indicating a relatively strong commitment to continue watching this fall.'
TV Guide talks Fridays, mentions Life
Fall TV season offers instant replay
'07-'08 rookies get second chance at success

NBC.COM announces new fall content - NBC will add Ted Earley's Blog to official site
NBC releases official descriptions to episode 2.01, 2.02, 2.03, 2.04.

DVD Reviews reviews season one DVD.
Your weekly DVD guide: `The Office,' `Life,' `Married Life' & more


goodisrelative, Box of Stained Glass Tears (Crews and Reese, spoilers up to The Fallen Woman, PG)
pbeeslysweater, Endless Parade (Charlie, Jennifer Conover, PG)
pbeesleysweater, : The Things He Can't Be (Charlie/Connie, PG)
grimorie, Human Landscapes (Dani Reese, Charlie Crews, gen, ensemble, Pg-13)
revelininsanity, Bamboo Upholstery, (Crews/Reese, PG-13), Fabrics series.
revelininsanity, One Hundred Threads, (Crews/Reese, PG-13), last in the Fabrics series.
adlervan, 22 Dreams, (Crews/Reese, R)
grimorie, Leave No Man, (Crews and Reese, PG)
grimorie, Colorblind, (Dani Reese and Constance Griffiths, PG)
flawsrevenge, Barefoot (Charlie, Ted, PG)
flawsrevenge, It's a Wonderful Life (Charlie, Jennifer, PG)
sound_of_bells, all these roads diverging (Dani Reese, Reese/Crews if you squint, PG-13)
twincy Burn Your Life Down, (Karen Davis/Dani Reese, PG-13)


cmk418, Common Ground Life/The Departed (Dani Reese, Charlie Crews and Billy Costigan, PG)

Icons & Graphics:

wickedandcruel posts Season 2 promo pictures
dryope, Sarah Shahi and Damian Lewis in NBC's All Star Preview.
dryope, posts episode stills for Life 2x01, 2x02, 2x03 and 2x04.
grimorie, Bringing things into the light, part 2. Location picpsman
angstbunny, Ten Moments in Life. Merit Badge.
15lbpurebunny picspams Merit Badge, Tear Asunder, Let Her Go and What They Saw

sweet_revenge00, multifandom icon post (Life section from #38-52)
adlervan, Life crimedramarama100 batch 1, batch 2, batch3
audreyfrill posts icons of Sarah Shahi and Damian Lewis from NBC's All Star Preview
thegreycar posts Merit Badge icons (from #17-40)
everybody__lies, Powerless icons (#5-40)
allisnow, icons from season 2 promo photos
audreyfrill, season 2 promo icons
skylight_icons, multifandom icon post with season 2 promo icons (from #16-32)
seasonofspring posts icons, header and info banners based on season 2 promo photos.
amarasarts, Damian Lewis icons.
everybody__lies, Life S2 icons from promo photos (from #13-53)
monkeyonthelam, multifandom icons, (Life from #4-8)
fangirl1981icon, Sarah Shahi in Supernatural Pilot, Powerless icons here
silent_pirate, Life icons and wallpaper
raquel_el_pillo, icons for The Fallen Woman
mortnme creates Life moodthemes


TV Guide interviews Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi. Spoilers to season 2
Season 2 Promos: Promo 1, Promo 2, Promo 3
Damian and Sarah Chime In
Damian Lewis in NBC Promo


annakovsky's Amazing Grace (Charlie Crews)
barkley's Life Begin Again
powerofnature updates fan-created Life credits
Cemeteries by bulletproofcouch (Youtube link)
Juicy by ODsis (Charlie, Youtube link)
Rainbows by citosol (Crews/Reese, Youtube link)

Meta & Discussions:

firthgal, Crews/Reese manifesto
angstbunny, Life the pimp post
angstbunny meta on Life tackling the 'after'
grimorie, Crews and Reese: One True Partners
aj reviews Life DVD extras
phoenix64 on the Use of Zen in Life
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