January 7th, 2008

Pushing Daisies: Chuck working
  • vonniek

Life is like a box of chocolate... err, I mean, a basket of fruit

Welcome to pers_pineapple, a discussion community about all things Life!

On the first day, we told ourselves, "we need to organize an international Life re-watch program because the lack of new episodes is killing our soul!" And it was good. Well, that was yesterday, and somehow, it snowballed and we ended up with this community. Yeah, I don't know what happened either. What we did know is that all of us loved and missed the show with a rare passion, and we wanted a place where we could talk about Charlie Crews and Dani Reese and all the other characters from the show to our hearts' content: speculate about their backstories, expound theories about the conspiracy to frame Charlie, wax rhapsodic about the writing, the cinematography, and the way the light brings out the colours of their hair just so, dissect the meaning of each piece of fruit used on the show, and generally act like squeeing fangirls.

The original idea for leisurely re-watch of the episodes is still in place. The tentative plan is to watch and discuss one episode per week, starting from the pilot. Shall we say, every Wednesday since that's when our show is on, starting this week (err, if we can get our asses in gear in time)? We are still hammering out the details re. the format -- it could be a free-for-all discussion, or we could put up a recap-style post with some points/questions about discussion, or something else. We solicit your input! If you know of any similar episode discussion communities with a format you think work particularly well, please chime in in the comments. Or anything else you might think of to make the community awesome.

We welcome discussion about the characters, the actors, meta and squee of all shapes and sizes. We want this to be fun, and help us get through the looooong hiatus ahead of us. None of us are too keen on rules, but here are a few basic ones:

- Please cut-tag any spoilery information for unaired episodes and mark them as such.

- Play nice. Discussion = good. Flamewars = bad. Bring the meta and squee, leave the wank.

- We also plan on publishing a weekly newsletter that will link to coverage of the show in media, and a round-up of notable fanworks such as fic and vids. However, since this will be a mostly discussion-oriented community, we'd urge those of you with new stories or vids to post them to our affiliates, life_fic or lifetv instead, to avoid duplication.

Questions? Comments? Random fruit-related epiphany?

To conclude:

The fundamental delusion of humanity is to suppose that I am here and you are out there.

... yeah, I don't know what that means, but I felt like I should end this post with a Zen saying. Oh, and props to piecesofalice for this kicky layout and the awesome banner!