February 17th, 2009

Easy Silence

Newsletter Ed. 18

Notes from the mods:

1) For fanfic, our policy is only to include stories on livejournal unless links to off-LJ fic have been posted in main Life-related LJ communities. If you want to read more, there is a small collection of Life fanfic over at fanfiction.net.
2) We will not be linking to comment-fic or drabbles under 300 words.
3) For WIPs, we'll hold off the linkage until the stories are finished.
4) Pairing short-hand for those unfamiliar with the custom: forward slash between the names (e.g. Crews/Reese) = romantic or sexual context, vs. Crews & Reese = non-romantic partnership story.

News & Articles:
"Life" falls to 4.7 in ratings. It has passionate fans and critics but renewal seems far off
ComedyCentric: Charlotte Rae Does ‘Life’ Next Week
Sarah Shahi in Hollywood Baby Round-up
NBC releases Total Audience Measure Index (TAMI) for week of February 10 (Download, PDF)

'Mirrorball' Episode Discussions
we_3_witches discusses Mirror Ball
pers_pineapple episode discussion
musesfool, reactions to the episode
vonnie_k, Reviews Mirror Ball
firthgal declares Mirror Ball a win!
15lbpurebunny, First 15 minutes looked promising
grimorie reacts to the episode
unicorn23 calls it a 'great and fun' episode
alethialia reports her high hopes were well met

Outside Link
BeeSight's review and recap
Cinemablend: Mirrorball re-cap and review
TwoCents: Doesn't know what to make of 'Mirror Ball'
Pajiba.com: positively reviews 'Life' and 'Mirror Ball' with bonus comparison to 'Veronica Mars
Poptimal's Elma Rahman: Love and Rock n' Roll and Cameron Cubbison's Life review, Hot Lead
Alan Sepinwall: liked the episode and attempts to give these types of episodes a nickname
TVoholic on Mirror Ball
Drake Lelane on the episode with playlist

dapatty, Pesky Helpful Zen Detectives or The Time Reece was Sick and Charlie made her Orange Juice (Crews and Reese, Gen.)

dapatty, Of Oranges and Impalas (Life/Supernatural. Sam/Charlie. NC-17) Bonus story to Zen and the Art of Winchester Maintenance.
revelininsanity, Professionals are professional. (Kimball Cho/Dani Reese. Life/The Mentalist.)

Icons & Graphics:
sweet_revenge00 posts Multi-fandom icons (#55-60, 80)
symm76, Season 1 icons, Mirror Ball icons, Find Your Happy Place icons
avidmind2, Life icons and banners
tearful_eye, Charlie/Constance picspam
chloris, Awesome Charlie Crews picspam

Promo for Episode 15, 'I Heart Mom'
arefadedaway, One Girl Revolution (Multi-Fandom; A 155 girl revolution)

Meta & Discussions:
symm76 Lists similarities between X-Files and Life

If there were any entries/posts or fanfiction we missed please don't hesitate to comment. And if you want to help out in the newsletter drop us a line here. Thanks!