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Newsletter Ed. 26

Notes from the mods:

1) For fanfic, our policy is only to include stories on livejournal unless links to off-LJ fic have been posted in main Life-related LJ communities. If you want to read more, there is a small collection of Life fanfic over at
2) We will not be linking to comment-fic or drabbles under 300 words.
3) For WIPs, we'll hold off the linkage until the stories are finished.
4) Pairing short-hand for those unfamiliar with the custom: forward slash between the names (e.g. Crews/Reese) = romantic or sexual context, vs. Crews & Reese = non-romantic partnership story.

News & Articles:
TV Worth Watching: Networks, Please, Renew These Shows (Life included)
PopMatters: 5 TV Shows Worth Saving
Huffington Post: TV's Most Tireless Actors: He Certainly Looks Familiar (Damian Lewis listed)
Emmy Magazine: LifeStyle (Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi spread)
Adam Arkin joins the cast of Sons of Anarchy
THR feed: Results on E!Online Save Our Show poll
NBC picks up four dramas, 'Infronts' on May 4

Meta & Discussions
blueeyesforlifereaction to episode 2x21, One
silent_pirate discusses her love for Life
sabra_n thoughts on One and further thoughts here

Outside Link
Lo One review
The Celebrity Cafe: Actor Damian Lewis Is Very Believable in “Life"
CliqueClack: NBC, don't be a dick: Bring back Life!

oltha_heri, A Work In Progress (Crews/Reese)
missymeggins, A woman a man walked by (Dani Reese, Charlie Crews, Tidwell)
romanticalgirl, Handpicked (Pre-series, Charlie Crews, Ted Earley)
noxnoctisanima, Three and I Need) (Tidwell/Reese/Crews, R)

romanticalgirl, Destination Unknown (Crews/Reese)
teenwitch77, The moment your eyes open (Crews/Reese)
noxnoctisanima, The Hard Part (Crews/Reese, R) and Fruit (Crews/Reese, Fruit. R)

Icons & Graphics:
teenwitch77 Top Crews/Reese moments
ihaveablacknano posts Badge Bunny kissing scenes
scarletumbrella, Charlie's knife: in 4 scenes picspam
wihluta draws the Life cast
jetgirl78 has a multifandom icon post (#11-16)
avidmind2 posts season 2 icons
everybody__lies posts an animated Life icons (#002)
sweet_revenge00 multifandom posts with Life icons (#48-75)
jetgirl78 picspams the final scene of One
scarletumbrella, Bathroom beatdown scenes (Life included)

dreamingwriter proposes a Life season 2 rewatch
smallfandomfest is now open for prompts up to May 21. Submit prompt here


Emmy Magazine: LifeStyle (with fabulous photos of Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi!)

If there were any entries/posts or fanfiction we missed please don't hesitate to comment.
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